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Top 2 Plays of Last Year


I highly doubt a breakout pass has ever been up for play of the year. But when that breakout pass is a saucer over opposing players and perfectly on the tape of your teammate it gets consideration. Oh yeah, it was in the playoffs too. I have always been a fan of Erik Karlsson but like many people his performance in this playoffs catapulted him to my favorite player in the world (sorry Bergy). Some people think that the writer who gave him a Conn Smythe vote is an idiot. Call me crazy but I was OK with the vote because he was that good. Sometimes I think the NHL should let him wear sunglasses when he plays. Without further ado…..

C’mon. That’s ridiculous. I wish it wasn’t against the Bruins especially because I rewound it 100 times to make sure I saw what I saw.

Play #2 is actually a series of plays from the best tournament of the year….the WJC. I loved this American team and almost had a heart attack during these shootouts. I’m with most people who believe it stinks to have an elimination game decided by a shootout but this was incredible. It takes guts to go five hole in such a huge moment because when you miss it feels like such an easy save. To do it three times and to do it in three different ways (forehand, forehand deke, backhand deke w/ sauce on the shot). Gross. Here it is

Team USA went 5-13 on shootouts between the semifinals and finals. Terry went 4 for 4 and all 4 of them were five hole. After his third goal against the Russians I found myself saying out loud “this kid is magic”. It’s a phrase I have never said before and I found it odd. So when the finals went to a shootout and it was Terry’s time to shoot I was certain I had jinxed him. Then he did this…..

This was the only shootout goal of the game. I wish he weren’t on the ducks because I hate the ducks. Regardless, pretty amazing string of plays by this kid.



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