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It was never a problem before…..

The NHL offside challenge rule sucks more than the Sabres. In sports it is always important to make changes to improve the game. Sometimes it’s a rule to fix a problem as was the case when the NFL improved its extra point situation. Or it could be to simply to make the game better like when the NBA created a three point line. I am at a loss trying to understand the offside challenge rule instituted last year. Was offsides ever a problem? Sure, a ref missed an occasional offside which resulted in a goal but this was far from a rampant issue.

When I was watching my B’s against the Sens in the playoffs this year, I cannot count how many times I had extra anxiety when the Bruins were in the O zone. I would sit there thinking….”I hope they were not an inch offsides”. The NHL’s rule change has had a negative impact on my game watching experience.

It’s a great era when teams are focused more on possession and less dump and chase. On a PP, the goal is to possess the puck and set up in the offensive zone. Gaining the blue without having to dump and chase is preferred. The result….almost every time a team enters the zone on the PP it is incredibly close to offside. If a player is just barely offside I would argue it is not the competitive advantage a team needs to score. Once in the zone on the PP you pass it around and wait for the right shot. Often this can be a minute of possession. Nowadays I spent that minute wondering about the offsides. Cmon NHL.

Apparently they are toying with a new rule that will result in a minor penalty if you challenge and it was wrong. Hypothetical situation; it’s OT in game 7 of the cup finals. The Bruins score (this is hypothetical so I make the rules). The other team obviously challenges because a penalty is better than winning a cup. If the replay results in an overturned goal and the opposing team scores, it would be a tainted cup in my opinion. i am just realizing that my hypothetical situation backfired and the Bruins just lost the cup.  How about this…..just drop the challenge altogether and we can go back to it not being a problem again?

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